The kitchen must be clean and practical


as a fixed assembly or sector kitchen?  Think in peace.  You have both of us in one place.
Decide for yourself whether you like a more solid set of kitchen cabinets or choose a sector kitchen.  If you are not sure feel free to contact us.  We look forward to your questions and we will be happy to talk to you until we help you to make the right decision.  You will surely enjoy the kitchen cabinets from us.

Our offer
We offer a really large amount of furniture.  You can find any furniture such as the kitchen units you need for your house apartment cottage cottage or office.  In the left column everything is clearly arranged and you can easily choose and decide what solution which furniture will be the best for you.

PVC windows


From time to time it comes and you have to exchange windows on your property.  But if you use it from us you can be sure that the next window replacement will be over many decades to come.  Window pro is a real specialist in his field where he has been working since 1992. We believe that you will soon find out about our qualities yourself.
So if you buy PVC windows from us you are assured of the highest possible quality.  For we as our competitors are not bound by one supplier from whom we have to withdraw.  We choose ourselves only the best ones and we will check PVC windows from them very carefully.  Only then do they get into our offer.
Best employees
In order for PVC windows to be properly installed it is necessary to have skilled and skilled workers.  We have them we hope you will be satisfied as well.

Do you suffer from headache or hotness?


you no longer have to worry about you or your surroundings.
Climacterium is manifested by many symptoms that can affect not only you but also your surroundings friends and acquaintances in the form of your fatigue decreased performance moodiness depression increased irritability etc.
Climacterium and hormones
Climacterium and its symptoms mainly cause hormones.  The most important hormone that accompanies this period is the hormone estrogen.  This hormone can be replaced by medically – hormone prescription drugs but also naturally.  Some foods or plants contain natural estrogen and women can take it naturally which has no negative impact on their health.  Our company has developed a product that is purely natural and relieves you of all climacteric problems.

Dozens of popular flavors


Tempting Quotes

Give your customers ice cream of refined taste and all sorts of kinds!  Give Adria Gold Ice Cream to Your Customers!  You can choose from a truly wide range of not only classic cream ice creams.  Also offered is a shed ice cream delicious fruit sorbets a mixture of true ice cream and a number of recipes for excellent and rich cups.
Best for kids

Adria Gold ice cream is of the highest quality and the most refined flavors produced by real experts.  Innovations include frozen or powder blends to make delicious real ice cream that everyone really loves.  Frozen blends are already fully prepared saving you time with mixing and other necessary preparation.  Powder mixtures are targeted at vendors who prefer traditional ice cream production.

Now also diet

Now you can also buy dietary ice cream which will be appreciated especially by your customer watching the line.  With acai ice cream your customers can chill and stay fit.  Let them try this vitamin bomb right from Brazil!

Choose from our upholstery fabrics


Choose a new upholstery for your car.  Our Damitex online store offers many colors and designs.  Invest in the interior of your car it certainly deserves it.  It is up to your mood and taste what substance you prefer.  Whether classic simple or multicolored with patterns.

The upholstery fabrics from the MI PLATAN collection offer a delicate pattern with a green touch. If you prefer strips we recommend upholstery fabrics from the JA DORA collection.  Beautiful colors will adorn your car.  At minimal cost.  Our prices range from 182 – 408 / m.

Our workers are fully qualified to work with home textiles so if you have any questions please contact us and we will help you when choosing the upholstery fabric.  We will be happy to meet you.

We will be happy to help you choose


Are you building a new house or are you reconstructing a house or apartment?  Are you thinking about what or else to lay here?  We will be pleased to help you choose the right flooring to suit your purpose and look good and tune in with the rest of your house or apartment and its equipment.

There are many types of wooden floors and many other flooring materials.  Everyone has different requirements.  Somebody prefers classic and durable materials and chooses unequivocally wooden floors others will prefer carpets or floating floors that are good for maintenance and wholesome.
Functional use

Each floor covering has different uses functions and parameters.  It depends on the customer's requirements what covering they choose.

Choose the curtains you like


Do you have a cottage?  And when did you buy something nice in it?  Maybe some little thing.  You don't know anymore.  Refresh the rooms with a new touch.  Get yourself new.  Beautiful bobbin of 100% cotton.  Yes that's right!  You don't want white?  Never mind in our offer you can find also bobbin colored.

You might prefer some classic but we advise you to choose a color!  Color is the sun joy and freshness.  Is that why you go to the cottage?  Pro relax!  Keep white for curtains in city apartment.  You came to the cottage and here the curtains must shine with energy.  Do you also feel it?  So go measure.

Done?  Now it's up to you what shade you choose.  We will cut your curtains according to your wishes.  And if you wish we will put them on you.  And then you can just wait for a pack of joy and energy.


Choose cheap windows


Do you want a new one for a long time?  For several years we have been preparing the most interesting offer that can be on the Czech market.  If you haven't found what you're looking for yet you'll find it with us.

Today's time is much more advanced and faster than it used to be.  Trends in the windows inherently belong to this development.  We can offer you several systems that are modern and look good and elegant.


This plastic window system has a design like aluminum windows.  They can very well and perfectly isolate both sound and heat.  Thus there is no high heat loss in the winter which is a big advantage over conventional windows.  The plastic windows of this system are used mainly because of their insulation properties.  And even the financial side is not wasted.  The price range moves within the capabilities of each of us.

Kitchen counters


Whether you have a large or small kitchen a kitchenette with a living room dominate in every kitchen.  Kitchen furniture should be arranged in such a way that when working in the kitchen the cook will do as little effort as possible and the height of the counter in each part of the kitchen should correspond to the height of the figure so that we do not slouch unnecessarily in kitchen work.

We offer solid kitchen kitchens as well as sectoral kitchen cabinets where you decide on the most optimal distribution of individual cabinets.  You will find our kitchens with glazed openwork or smooth doors in many different designs but always with a quality finish for your long-term use.
Special Offer

We always try to offer you something extra in our action offer you will find kitchen cabinets in very attractive favorable prices.

New customers


Come to us and insure your business great.  You choose up to three keywords and are already starting to write.  Customized PR articles not copied and not even duplicated with each other all original and only for your website!


Go with the times and have quality and period advertising!  Nowadays people are staying the most on the Internet where they will be placed and thus bring a truly wide range of customers and a considerable number of new clients.  PR articles are original you can count on 100% quality and uniqueness.

Try it

Try and see that you will want to order more PR articles for great success!