Enjoy privacy


Close the room and enjoy the privacy with.  There is no better feeling than a moment's privacy behind the door.

You can choose the perfect design and colors to match your interior doors.  All you have to do is choose the right ones for us and your apartment or house will be more cozy right away.  Interior doors will not only beautify your apartment but will also ensure privacy when needed.  Don't hesitate and get yourself.  You will surely find their advantages.
Privacy not only in the toilet

Close the door behind you and have no rest just in the toilet.  With it you can close and relax anywhere.  The door is the gateway to your privacy.

The perfect opportunity to buy perfect teas


Our teas ensure your maximum satisfaction

Discover a fantastic product with natural effects and beneficial effects on your body. Our tea is infused from tea leaves and now you can have it. Tea has a centuries-old tradition and teas have been known in ancient civilizations. We bring you the best teas to your home.

The perfect taste of coffee and tea for your better day

Wear tea with you everywhere and enjoy your tea at home and tea at work. Make your day more enjoyable by drinking tea and nothing will make you anymore. Teas are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day. We bring you tea in one place, just choose the teas you want to taste and the tea will soon taste you.


Buy teas today and get the best teas for you and your friends.

Leave everything to us


More locations to get you closer

Autosklo Prague offers everyone a revolutionary way of repairing glass using the Glass-repair kit.  We also provide classical glass replacement and glass repairs.  With the Glass-repair kit a crack can be repaired quickly and efficiently so that it is not necessary to replace the entire glass.
Windshield replacement is a breeze for us

Replacing the car glass can even with the best work done potentially pose a risk of leakage or damage to the car body or.  Contact Autosklo Praha if you want to have the glass repaired using the Glass-repair kit in Autosklo Praha.
Glass-repair method

When you visit Autoskla Praha you can use a high-quality tool to repair a crack even within one hour to restore the original glass function to your car.  Therefore call Autoskla Praha and order your car for repair today.



We have beautiful sofas for you at unbeatable prices. Visit us and see for yourself. belongs to every home, so get a truly unique piece. Choose a sofa with a unique cover to match your personality.

Stop passing real quality. Our kits are affordable to everyone. Our sofa is already looking forward to its new owner – to you. Go for her today.
Large selection of seats

Visit our website and choose one of the many sofas offered. We are constantly adding news and other interesting sets. We offer beautiful upholstered sets. Only a sofa with a beautiful cover will make you really happy.

We are a car glass Prague


Autosklo Praha?  Fast meticulous reliable precise service fully subordinated to customer needs.  If you need anything connected with the glass of your car here you will get the best services without unnecessary and long waiting.

You can have your car's glass repaired at Autosklo Praha as well as have it modified tinted or completely replaced.  Any adjustments are possible for all types of vehicles and for all lenses regardless of windscreen or rear glass.

No deal for our customers

In addition our customers are spared the massive paperwork and the handling of all the formalities with the insurance company as all the car insurance for them is handled by Autosklo Praha as part of their car repair.

Great music on Radio Impuls


Radio Impuls… rááááádio.  Very well-known and very characteristic for Impuls radio you can hear it just on our internet radio which you can run whenever you want.  Whether you just want to listen to it don't like silence or because you are learning reading etc. and the radio will serve you as a pleasant background.  Then recommend our radio to your friends work colleagues or relatives they will certainly like to listen.

Radio stations

Radio Impuls is one of the private radio stations that broadcast in the Czech Republic.  In addition to private stations we also have public entities (eg Czech Radio).

Do you have problems with poorly running toilet or washbasin?


Do you have problems with poorly running toilet or washbasin? Right? Then we are here just for you. Don't hesitate and visit our website or call our frog dispatching center directly! We catch all your flies or waste!

We are a company that operates throughout the Czech Republic. Most, however, in the capital city of Prague. Our professional staff will try to fulfill all your wishes in the area of sewerage. In particular, we provide cleaning, inspection and leak tests. If you need any of the sewerage, waste, or water supply services. Then do not hesitate to contact us!
Gripping system

It is used in larger cities, where the terrain slopes slightly towards greater flow. A characteristic feature is the waterfront sewer leading along the watercourse to the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

You can do it easily!


For work at heights rely on quality partners who will never disappoint you and will always be close to you in the event of a risk situation.

Are you going to rent or even buy forklifts?  The necessary and appreciated technical invention has been produced from the need of a person to move in the profession at heights.  Different professions require a lift up not only indoors but especially outdoors.  There are several types to choose from.  You can purchase automobile battery electric outboard or off-road platforms.  Even a higher location is not hindered by professionally performed work.  With highly valued products you get the confidence you need for working at heights.
For work at heights

However the varying load capacity load and dimensions of the platform always have a common denominator thus maximizing safety and meeting ergonomic occupational hygiene requirements.

Play music over the Internet


He is no longer a man who would not know him.  It has been so for several years since it has become the most listened to radio in the Czech Republic.  Because he devotes most of his broadcasts to Czech music it is clear that the Czech listener will not die for Czech music.

In today's world of music where the music industry is at the height of its development the effort to keep Czech music in the top rankings must be greatly appreciated.  It can be said that this is exactly what it is trying to do and the result is success.  Radio Impuls has a mission and that makes the radio's great spirit.
Radio Impuls Jokes

It just doesn't work without a joke.  So that the listener is really happy not only will he listen to good Czech music but he also needs to have fun.  Radio Impuls and his great moderators really do.  What about "Impulses of Václav Moravec"?  In this show Václav Moravec confesses politics and does not really hang out with anyone.  Today when the political world is in this state of affairs it is a truly apt and attractive program that lures the audience.  Radio Impuls just knows how to do it.

Radio with musical taste


Excellent entertainment fresh and precise information lots of good music and simply a pleasant company.  That's all.

Radio Impuls has set its time for fulfilled wishes for its listeners.  Everybody thinks something different about this word.  For some it can be an extra portion of quality music for others enough credible information a source of amusement and the opportunity to participate in variable action competitions.  The forms for helping people are really different and Impuls Radio offers you the opportunity to break away from being alone and become a natural part of active action.  The decision to listen to the broadcast will always make you happy.
On the wave charts

On the chart of success charts Impuls radio occupies a leading position mainly thanks to its sophisticated system of combination of spoken word favorite sessions and quality music.