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He is no longer a man who would not know him.  It has been so for several years since it has become the most listened to radio in the Czech Republic.  Because he devotes most of his broadcasts to Czech music it is clear that the Czech listener will not die for Czech music.

In today's world of music where the music industry is at the height of its development the effort to keep Czech music in the top rankings must be greatly appreciated.  It can be said that this is exactly what it is trying to do and the result is success.  Radio Impuls has a mission and that makes the radio's great spirit.
Radio Impuls Jokes

It just doesn't work without a joke.  So that the listener is really happy not only will he listen to good Czech music but he also needs to have fun.  Radio Impuls and his great moderators really do.  What about "Impulses of Václav Moravec"?  In this show Václav Moravec confesses politics and does not really hang out with anyone.  Today when the political world is in this state of affairs it is a truly apt and attractive program that lures the audience.  Radio Impuls just knows how to do it.

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