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Give your customers ice cream of refined taste and all sorts of kinds!  Give Adria Gold Ice Cream to Your Customers!  You can choose from a truly wide range of not only classic cream ice creams.  Also offered is a shed ice cream delicious fruit sorbets a mixture of true ice cream and a number of recipes for excellent and rich cups.
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Adria Gold ice cream is of the highest quality and the most refined flavors produced by real experts.  Innovations include frozen or powder blends to make delicious real ice cream that everyone really loves.  Frozen blends are already fully prepared saving you time with mixing and other necessary preparation.  Powder mixtures are targeted at vendors who prefer traditional ice cream production.

Now also diet

Now you can also buy dietary ice cream which will be appreciated especially by your customer watching the line.  With acai ice cream your customers can chill and stay fit.  Let them try this vitamin bomb right from Brazil!

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