Do not forget quality treatment!


Planed and dried beams are a very practical product for construction.
You ask what?
KVH prisms can be used to construct low-energy or passive houses.  Furthermore it is suitable to use them for the construction of various garden houses such as gazebos sheds pergolas and other garden structures.
It is no exception that these quality beams are used for the construction of fences columns and playgrounds.
Why is it good to dry them first?
If the KVH prism is properly dried and subsequently treated with water-borne glaze the paint will last much longer than on a raw ie wet prism.  After all the expiring wood continues to work which results in cracks that can disrupt and often interfere with the integrity of the coating.  This will get moisture into the wood causing a larger part of the paint to peel off and the entire treatment must be done again and the material continues to suffer.

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